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"One of the most unique sounding vocal ensembles from Europe "


                                                     -  Britt Quentin, M-Pact

"Vocal ensemble with its own clear recognizable face"


                                     - Peter Karlsson, The Real Group

"They create a very particular sound, the infividuality of the arrangements is striking and much to be commended"


                                          - Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Kadri Voorand – alto
Mikk Dede – tenor
Mirjam Dede – soprano
Maria Väli – soprano
Rasmus Erismaa – baritone
Aare Külama – bass

Award-winning Estonian Voices is an a cappella vocal sextet that likes to mix it up. Jazz, classical, and folk styles all get their attention, with a repertoire of both original and traditional pieces—including renditions of a number of pop hits. Their artistic director and main arranger is Kadri Voorand.

Their unique sound is formed by six strong and distinctive voices. Their clever style fuses playfulness with absolute technical mastery, bound together with a cheeky smile and a charming sprinkle of vocal artistry.


Their first breakthrough was at the Estonian Christmas Jazz Festival in 2011, which saw the group perform works arranged by Voorand. They went on to perform across Estonia and took tours to Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and China. Collaborators have included the Estonian Dream Big Band, jazz vocalist Datevik Hovanesian, and former M-pact artistic director Britt Quentin. They also performed in the New York Voices Christmas concert in 2013 and with Take 6 in 2016.

Estonian Voices released their first album, Ole Hea (Be Good), in 2014, which won the Estonian Best Jazz Album of the Year 2015. In 2016, they were awarded Best Jazz Artist in Estonia. In summer 2018, they released their second album, Taat läks lolliks (An Old Man Lost His Marbles), which is mostly influenced by Estonian folk music. It won the Estonian Best Jazz Album of the Year 2018. In 2024, they released their third album, Kallimale.


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